APVMA Approval Number: 53015/0700

Adelaide Rural Salvage -- Avoid!

If you are are thinking of building a new shearing shed or repairing the flooring and pens in an existing shed one place to avoid buying any materials from is Adelaide Rural Salvage. When I rang them to enquire about sheep pen flooring they sent me a fantastic sample of what they said was new Tassie Oak. I ordered an extra 20 per cent just in case there was a bit of crook material but still ended up 1800 lineal metres short. There was hardly any good material in the delivery and it took ages to lay because warps, bends etc. & uneven sizing had to be cut out.

Have a look at the some of the photos showing bends, warps, odd sizing, splits which developed days and weeks after laying etc. Have a look at the photo showing some of the material we just had to tip. I called the bloke at the company called Kevin who sold me the crap and he asked for photos which were sent but after I asked for a bit of replacement material he got nasty.

We also purchased some railing timber which was recycled. A lot of this had bits cut out of it so the wastage here was phenomenal as well. Despite all the representations regarding quality made over the phone by Kevin prior to purchase and paying up front this company only offers a tail light warranty.

Kevin said if I posted anything on the internet about this complaint he would just delete it. He says he is good at hacking. Well go for it Kevin!